Best Estate Planning Attorney in Sun City AZ

If you don’t have a good estate plan, your state treasurer or an attorney may be the happiest beneficiaries when you die. Estate planning is the way of your family avoiding unnecessary taxation and high payments to an attorney that can erode your estate. Proper estate planning doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it puts you in control of the division of assets. It gives you control from the grave on the disposition of your items besides saving dollars that you want to go to your family.

When people get older they need to put their affairs in order. One of those things happens to be estate planning and putting your assets into a living trust or will. For people who live in Sun City AZ there’s no better estate planning attorney than Sharon Ravenscroft. She provides estate planning sun city az. Sharon has been involved with estate planning and helping people to get their finances together in the event they pass away for over 25 years.

All successful estate planning is the result of several professions working together for the good of the client. However, professionals of one group sometimes have misconceptions of professionals belonging to other groups. For example, the financial advisor may see the estate planning attorney as little more than a document scrivener. But this is far from the truth.

The most important part of estate planning is the creation of a will. If you die intestate, without a will, your state has a plan on how to dispose of your property. The state’s scheme uses blood relationships to determine who gets the assets of the estate. While you might have a specific person in mind for a treasured item you know they’d love and cherish, the state’s plan might give it to another who would never value it as much. Depending on the family that remains when you pass, it could also pass your estate to family members you don’t really like and bypass those that really care about you or took care of you.

You also name an executor or executrix for the estate in the will. This is the person in charge of distributing the property at your demise. It is best to name an alternate in the event that the primary executor is unable to do the job. You can use a spouse for this or a trusted child. This person overlooks the work of the attorney at the time of your death and arranges for the distribution of your property. If you worry about finding you’ll want someone else later, don’t. You can change any part of your will at any time.

List all the life insurance policies on your life or those you own. You also need to list the beneficiary of the policies for your estate planning checklist, the cash value, face value and ownership of each policy. Since life insurance becomes part of your estate, in most states and for federal taxation, these factors all become important for larger estates.

The final items to list on your estate planning checklist are pension plans, annuities, IRAs and other retirement plans. While these items aren’t included in your will unless you name your estate as your beneficiary, they are part of your estate and increase the value of your estate. You don’t use a will for these types of accounts since you name a beneficiary. Unlike a will, there is no delay in the recipient receiving the asset. It doesn’t go through probate and is incontestable.

Many people don’t want their assets listed in the paper and want to make transfer easier for their heirs. To accomplish this, they use a trust. Estate planning and trusts not only make it easier and faster for the transfer, but you also maintain more control on the disposition of assets and use a professional manager to protect your heirs from themselves or increase the value of the estate.

Trusts also are a way to minimize federal and state estate taxes when used properly. Often people with special needs children use trusts to make certain that there is adequate money available for their benefit. If your adult child is a special needs child, make certain that you work closely with an attorney so that your forethought doesn’t make them ineligible for Medicaid or other benefits.

While not everyone has a large estate, no matter what the size, it’s best to do estate planning and trusts if a trust is necessary. The initial phase of estate planning and filling out an estate planning checklist can take a while. However, once you have an estate plan, you’ll find that it’s easy to update it every four or five years if there are any changes.

Trusted Accountant in Goodyear AZ

Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information so that a user of the information may make informed on economic judgments and decisions based on it. Accounting is the degree of measurement of financial transactions, which are transfers of legal property rights made under contractual relationships. Non-financial transactions are specifically excluded due to conservatism and material principles. Such financial information is primarily used by lenders, managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision-makers to make resource allocation decision.

Accounting is a key function of any business-big or small. Good accounting practices are necessary to maintain an accurate set of books which in turn are necessary for taking business decisions, raising capital or bank loans and definitely for knowing how much money your business is making!.

It is very important for a business owner to understand the financial conditions of his business. It is true that for some business owners, it is easy to maintain their financial planning statements or books. But this doesn’t apply to all proprietors who are not very good at it, or don’t have the time for it. If you are part of this group, then you should consider getting a professional accountant who can take care of all your accounting issues.

Business tax preparation is a common procedure for any business, big, medium or small. Taxes have to be paid in due time, and this is possible only if the organization appoints staff within the organization to handle deadlines, calculations and payouts. But these days tax preparation work is being outsourced to other agencies, which relieves the company of setting up a separate segment and hiring new recruits. All that needs to be done is to pay necessary charges to the agency and accurate tax preparation protocol is followed, right down to the format prescribed by the law. They ensure that taxes are paid well before the due date.

There are simple cases of tax preparation. There are also those cases where the process becomes quite involved. The more complex the situation the longer the process takes. A good accountant will be able to prepare taxes for individuals. These are often easy returns to prepare. You will also need to find an accountant that is experienced in business tax preparation. These are generally more timely tasks. The more experience a firm is the more efficient they will work.

The most important thing you need to know about tax preparation is that it needs requires you to spend a lot of time to sort and organize financial records and transactions. It would be best if you already have a working system around your office. You will definitely save a lot of time in the end when the time to file your returns nears. This means you need to be patient because thorough and tedious accounting is expected.

A great accountant provides help at tax preparation, and individual tax prep. As a business owner, tax preparation is stressful. With a great accountant, it doesn’t have to be. A great accountant can make taxes feel easy. They will find you the best tax strategy and will make the overall process more enjoyable. If you are a business owner in Goodyear AZ and trying to find great accountants Goodyear AZ, you will meet Richard Steiman of Most people of Goodyear AZ who need a great accountant in Goodyear AZ that they can trust, need to call Richard Steiman of

Most accountants work on an hourly basis when handling normal tax questions or filing simple forms. When it comes to filing federal tax returns, some accountants work hourly while others charge by the page. Find out how your chosen accountant charges for his or her time, and get the deal in writing before proceeding forward. Most accountants, being excellent administrators, will have an agreement already drawn up. If you agree with the terms, all you have to do is sign. If you don’t agree with all the terms, try to negotiate a modified contract, or pick a different accountant. One final point: find out what the accountant charges should you need to defend your tax return to the IRS. Some accountants charge extra fees while others include this kind of work in your tax preparation fees.

All in all, it is pretty important to know that you need to have at least one individual in your company who is good with it for your company to have success. With a great accountant helping you, you usually would not worry about your taxes and about how your money is being handled. Before you hire anyone, you must remember that not all accountants are compatible with your company.

Essential Skills That You Need to Acquire for International Business Opportunities

Export import businesses are very popular in the international market. The world of businesses is expanding significantly and with it facing excellent changes, it has become a must for the people involved in the trade to learn about the entire process and to be updated about the latest trends that have been followed in the market. The modern amenities and latest technologies have played a great role in the expansion of the international business. The business personnel round the world get a good opportunity through globalization to explore new markets for their products. You can also explore the new avenues, excellent opportunities and latest global techniques through which they can defeat their business competitors of the market and can stay ahead of them.

With so many changes and rapid developments taking place all around you one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is the basic skills that you need to trade with foreign countries and at international boundaries. Apart from having interest in the field you require other skills to develop and earn great respect for you in the global market. The skills of export import also bring huge profit for you and bring to you the desired result that you want. These skills can be summed up in the following points:

1. Foreign language skills: You need to have a good understanding about the language of the country with which you are dealing or the best way to tackle the communication gap is to hire a translator for your company.

2. Learn international etiquettes: With every country having its own culture and tradition they also have their own etiquette while doing their businesses. Thus it is advisable that before you go to a country for business purpose learns and research about their etiquettes.

3. You should have convincing negotiating skills: Good communication, negotiation and excellent character of being patience always works in your favor for international business opportunities. The communication skills are also a reflection of your ideas and confidence and it allows you to convince your partner or clients excellently.

4. Time management skills: The most important part of international trading is time management. Your time and the time of the country with which you are dealing might not match and thus you have to be very much aware about the entire process of export import and makes you confident and excellence in your field.

ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor-Degree in International Business)

Bachelor’s Degrees in International Business

Undergraduate programs prepare students to conduct business or manage companies in a variety of global markets. By studying different cultures, individuals learn more about a country’s literature, traditions, business history, labor relations and political systems. Programs may require that prospective students have a high school diploma or its equivalent, fulfill certain general education requirements or speak a foreign language before they are admitted to the 4-year program.

Program Coursework

A program may have language concentrations where their studies are focused on the business aspects and current speaking trends of a language. Some schools also have partner institutions in other nations where students can learn. Program coursework could include the following:

Business calculus
Writing for business
Information systems
Marketing strategy

Career Options

Internships required in undergraduate programs can give future global managers practical work experience that may turn into permanent job positions. Some areas of employment could include the following:

Freight forwarding
International sales
Export administration

Continuing Education Information

After attaining a bachelor’s degree, graduates could enroll in a master’s degree program where they might learn from international instructors. Certain programs are designed for students who already have managerial experience and could be completed in a little more than a year. Final projects could allow students to apply what they’ve learned in the program to an international business firm.

International business concentrations are available through a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Bachelor of Business Administration. You can typically find international business programs through a college of business or business department within a college or university. On-campus, online and hybrid programs are available.
What Will I Learn?
Bachelor’s degree programs in international business combine instruction with general business training and general education. You learn how to think about global issues in terms of their economic, social and political contexts.

Additionally, you might work collaboratively and use relevant technologies to develop business solutions. Leadership and managerial skills are developed. Courses may include macroeconomics, international relations, comparative politics, report writing, business math, global management, global marketing, accounting, organizational information systems and systems analysis.
How Does Online Learning Work?
Online programs may require you to communicate with your classmates and professors by using Internet-based discussion forums and email. You may be required to purchase course materials or complete an internship. Online learning programs require you to have access to an up-to-date operating system and high-speed Internet connection. Exams may be completed online or at a proctored exam location.
What Can I Do After I Graduate?
With a bachelor’s degree in international business, you could apply to graduate school. One common path is to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, a terminal business degree that prepares you for upper-level management positions. MBA programs could allow you to continue specializing in international business or pursue a different area of concentration, such as marketing, organizational leadership, entrepreneurship or finance. Alternatively, you could enter the workforce. Careers titles available include human resources manager, global marketing coordinator, financial analyst and business consultant.

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.

Protect Your Business and Customers From Credit Card Skimmers

Skimmers are placed on merchant credit card terminals, ATM machines, and other card reader locations. Identity thieves prefer these devices since they’re quick, accurate, and can generate mounds of data before they’re discovered and removed. A credit card skimmer placed in a high-profile area can generate thousands of dollars for identity thieves in a few short minutes.

Who’s at Risk?
Merchants of all sizes and in every industry are at risk for credit card skimmers. Large merchants are targeted just as often as smaller merchants. Those with more security in place may have a smaller chance of becoming a victim, but they’re not free of all risks.

Ways to Protect Your Business from Skimmers
Unless you have a trained eye, skimmers can be hard to spot. Your business could have a skimmer in place without you knowing about it for an extended period of time. You need to be proactive and vigilant to prevent skimmers from wreaking havoc on your businesses and stealing your customers’ private data. Make sure you:

Know Your Equipment Vendors
Some of the most common skimmer users are fraudulent equipment vendors. When repairing or installing your equipment, these companies place credit card skimmers and begin swiping customer information. Although you want to save on expenses as much as possible, make sure your equipment vendor is reputable, performs background checks on employees, and tracks their employees’ work history so if a skimmer is in place you can find which employee installed it. You should also do physical internal inspections of equipment to ensure the units have not been tampered with before being sent out into the field.

Secure Credit Card Terminals
Lock down any terminals in and outside of your business. Lock in a secure cradle and keep the key in a safe location. Only allow the credit card terminal’s keys to be accessed by authorized personnel.

Confirm Swaps
Train yourself and your employees on how to confirm a card terminal swap before any new hardware is installed. Too many merchants fall victim to credit card skimmers simply because they don’t have a preventative policy in place or trained employees to review replacements and exchanges on their terminal swaps.

Use a MAC Address
MAC or Media Access Control is used to identify physical pieces of hardware on a network. If you have equipment connected to a network, you should use a MAC address and monitor your network devices with the MAC service. If a device is replaced and has a new MAC address, make sure you can verify that this piece of equipment should be on your network. If it’s not, remove and disable it immediately so that the credit card skimmer cannot access your customers’ information.

Monitor Constantly
You should monitor your devices and network at all times. Take inventory of serial numbers associated with your account and monitor credit card terminals or POS systems connected to your network. Careful monitoring can help you catch credit card skimmers before they strike.

Unfortunately, skimmers and scammers are here to stay, but you don’t have to become a victim. By being proactive and keeping a watchful eye you can discover and remove skimmers right away. The cost of doing nothing can cost your business greatly in the end.

Business: International Business Piece Of Content Category

(iii) the business owners will frequently always considering tax trip and estate planning along with their specific Exit Strategies. Internal’ transfers, since a general rule, allow for additional flexibility in some of these areas than external’ transfers.
After you have set your interbank decorating business want shall require a fabulous tax resale count and a business name so that you can put orders for u. s. decoration, wholesale developed dcor or large fleur de lis products straight at the wholesale dcor producers.

Thereby then, how do i go about discussing an internal’ transfer? The answer is “very carefully”. And, essentially the most cautious first thing to do that a company can take will be always to engage an middleman – which could be any one for the existing advisors to the business – to assist with the deal. Having trusted advisors involved inside process raises stage of objectivity and lowers the involving emotions when negotiating the transfer.
Your website creation or website aimed to promote affiliate programs and on the web marketing. Ebay idea is efficient ways of obtaining large amount dollars through online. This method utterly involves the advance of blog that meets or exceeds to your area of expertise of interest. When the online site or blog is in place, promoting advertisement from Google Adsense or any affiliate products can be easily achieved. Blog marketing and traffic generation website is amazingly in demand at the present times. If you want to deal with certain see to this tool that you have become well-prepared and an expert.
Here’s a major trap the majority business.owners get arrested in; they provide with their race in mind as an alternative to with their regulars in mind. You are not trying to winning your competition over; you want to receive the attention of your customers. Listen; identify your ideal customer and sell to them. Generally start cutting back on the top rated quality of your websites or your products. In my article “Your Internet marketing business in Review”, My spouse and i mention the correct way to turn consumers into raving supporters of your corporate. The best way to ask for feedback from consumers is by working with review sites. Running a small business can still continually be profitable in specific economy if you have follow these recommendations.
All natural observation: the online marketer watches behavior buyers in real-life situation, either in situ or by recording the consumers (less intrusive). Recording can be exactly recommended when analyzing patterns of totally different cultures, since we can easily compare habits taped and highlight similarities and or or differences.
Additionally, there are rrnternet site platforms such basically WordPress that readily provide easy-to-use site templates at inexpensive price levels. You never will need to may have technical skills to put together per nice looking WordPress site for a client.

Full colour leaflets are so complete and a hugh amount of suppliers find them an essential part of their marketing. Whoever a business is trying to reach, a Booklet inserted into newspapers, posted out, or propped up on his or her counter catch the eye in glorious finished colour and not surprisingly is most less expensive.

The International Business Option At SIIB

These days a graduation degree will not suffice especially if you are planning to lay the foundations of a strong career in the corporate sector of India. You have to enroll for reliable options like the MBA in Symbiosis in order to get a fair chance of realizing their dreams of building a bright career. Are you planning to make it big in the corporate world? Do you aspire to get a degree like MBA in Symbiosis? Are you planning to pursue niche programs like the MBA in Agribusiness or the MBA in International Business? If the answers to these questions are yes, you don’t have time to waste and SIIB is the perfect choice for you. Yes! Located in Pune, SIIB is a premier institute that specializes in offering the niche programs like MBA in International Business, MBA in Agribusiness. For students aspiring to build a global career, this is an option that you just can’t miss.
The international business program is the flagship offering of SIIB. In fact, SIIB is one of the few reputed colleges that has been specializing in offering this program for the past two decades. If you are wondering what sets SIIB apart from the usual bunch of options, the answer is simple. The MBA in International Business is a unique program that deals with subjects pertaining to the domain of the globally evolving business scenario. The need of the hour is managers who can think global and act local. The MBA in Symbiosis that specializes in offering international business as a subject of study is the perfect option that helps in addressing this gap.
What’s more is that when you opt for the program at SIIB, you are guaranteed the perfect blend of academic and industrial exposure. As a routine, SIIB hosts special industry interface programs wherein the students are given a chance to learn from the experts. Yes! Unlike events, these sessions are conducted more frequently giving the students the perfect platform to interact with industry leaders and accentuate their learning experience. After all, learning from first hand experiences is always more impactful.
During its tenure the MBA in International Business also includes ample number of research projects. These compulsory projects encourage students to actively participate in the learning process. Additionally, it also gives the motivation to explore the different options available in their domain. This research aids in broadening the understanding of the student. In fact, when the students have to make crucial career deciding choices at the later stage of their life, this research proves to be very helpful. Students enrolling for the MBA in Symbiosis at SIIB also become eligible for scholarships, student exchange programs as well as dual degree specialization programs and several such similar options.
All in all, choosing the MBA in International Business at SIIB is truly a life changing experience that aids in the transformation of a student into a thorough professional manager.

True Introduction to Business

True Introduction to Business
Business must have been one of the oldest civilized occupations, a key origin of world-life-motivation and today’s inspiration
I would like to thank you for picking this article. It is a clear indicator that you are geared towards developing your mind in understanding what €business’ is and propelling your life it into success. By choosing this article, it also shows that you want to find out what is the meaning of business. This article will take you on a small journey to the meaning of business. I hope this article changes your life forever towards business.
Depending upon your level of knowledge and experience, business may be so familiar to you. This article explains little more and also brings together some important €like-business-quotes’ to a higher level of awareness. When you read this article and related quotes, you will wish to apply them in your business, management and life; and surely you will see very positive results.
There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you master some resource from this article.
True Introduction to Business
€ Introduction
A business, also known as an enterprise or a firm is an individual or an organization involved in the trade of goods, services or both to consumers for a profit. The state of being busy and being busy profitably is what business is all about. This is why in business the fear of success is a fear of trying – the fear of trying to do business does not go together with the key business rule that nothing is impossible before GOD. You are not what you think you are and what your business is but what GOD knows. This is why John Hagee said €don’t let the things of the past control and affect your future€ as past business mistakes need not affect your future business prospects.
There have never been more possibilities and opportunities for you and me to achieve more of our business goals than exist today. In fact, there are so many good things you can do that your ability to decide among them may be the critical determinant of what you accomplish in life – you need a little business motivation. Just like €we need old friends to help us grow and new friends to keep us young€ – Letty Rayhobis, you need some business motivation through some citation for your business success and also for success in life.
€ More about Business
Business is what makes our societies survive and business people are catalysts of society change. Without business, our social status could have been far less – much poor.
Do you supply goods or services for exchange with money? If your answer is yes, then you could build an empire and if your answer is no, then think about it.
In business, prosperity is not a situation but a decision, a result of business or personal plans and goals. In fact, in business, history lessons are not as good but the past is indeed the foundation of the future. Dr. Bingu Wa Muthalika once said, €the past is for us to learn, the present for us to manage and the future for us to change€. This is indeed is also a key business philosophy and if applied in business it creates a growth environment, a workplace where mistakes are not feared but allowed for continuous development; a business environment where the main element is about future – focusing.
If you want to do business you will always find a business – just like, €those who wish to sing always find a song€ a Swedish Proverb. When you have your thoughts towards doing business, timid people come to discourage you – you became a victim of opposition and you are then derailed from the power of fortune – this is weakness. Never be discouraged by those who don’t try as it is advised that €don’t judge those who try and fail, judge those who fail to try€ – Unknown.
You must have once tried a business before, but failed, why are you doing it again? Dr. Jerry Lynch, said €failure and losses are acceptable learning experiences that can help improve your performance as the path to personal excellence is cluttered with obstacles€. This is a typical law for experiencing everyday life, a law for achieving goals and keeping the business with focus on tomorrow.
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (Stanhope’s Notes of Conversations with the Duke of Wellington), said €my rule always was to do the business of the day in the day€.
€Business is about making money and to make money you must increase your value as money is a measurement of value€ – Louis Uko
There are also 7 keys to better business and life progress:
1. Identify what inspires you: is it one own responsibility to look for things that inspires. Find what you love and you can easily do this by picking-up three things that inspire you everyday;
2. Master the art of receiving: GOD is also looking for receivers, for example, receiving GOD’s mercy is a blessing and must be acknowledged;
3. Train the trainable: invest your knowledge to those that can take it, teach people and share knowledge;
4. Conversations of change: view every conversation as the birthplace for change. Jesus used talking as key for sharing GOD News and we can also include the time Jesus talked to the woman at the well and miracle followed;
5. Lavish honor: ensure that there is honor throughout the environment as it is more powerful than education;
6. Expect every problem to be an inspiration of reward. Before GOD rewards, problems come; and
7. Declare your expectation of divine rewards.
As you do your business, you must also establish your business potential and your business level. The gap between can always be covered by some change. €Change before you have to€ – Jack Welch. Your desire in business and your willingness to change are the best steps to your business success.
€ Importance of Businesses
Have you ever asked yourself €why you are at the level you are€? Have you ever asked why societies are poor and why other societies are rich? Have you ever asked a question why most people who go to school will end up being employed or operate small businesses?
€All achievements, all earned riches have their beginning in an idea€ – Napoleon Hill. A business start with an idea and it is from an idea that creates worthy of nations which are enjoyed today. Without business, societies could have been far below – much poor. Today, your society is in good shape as a result of businesses which are in existence and had expanded. There is an ability to create some value which is marketed to the existing demand, thus €ability will never catch up with the demand for it€ – Malcolm S. Forbes.
Supply of different goods and services to society is the prime importance of businesses. The creator created and creates things, but processing, the individuals or businesses do reprocessing and preservation and ultimately new utility is created.
Business collects the drifts of savings from different individuals, especially through banks and financial institutions and employs those in productive activities and thus harnesses capital and other resources in production, in economic activity while utilizing natural resources in utility creation or value addition.
Business also creates self-employment and provision of employment. This is a result that business provides employment to the businessman. Further, in the production, logistics, distribution and services of business a large number of individuals are employed by the business organization and income generation occurs for them and others.
Business also creates new utility to the natural resources by preservation and value addition. New products are created by business operation, without which a lot of natural resources would have been wasted.
Businesses also continuously make research on alternative uses of resources; and develop new products and methods, and makes new innovations.

How To Start A Home Business Today

Firstly, having a successful home business does involve work. The growth of the internet has enabled any one who has the right determination to have a truly international business because the products and services on your website are available to customers from all over the world.

Some people start their own home business as a way to earn a little extra money to supplement their regular day job. It is not uncommon, with hard work and determination, to achieve a level of success whereby you can can give up your regular job and devote all your time to your home-based business.

How Do You Start?

To get started, look for a product or service that customers need and that you would enjoy selling. If you working with a product or service that you doesn’t really appeal to you, it’s going to be challenging to maintain your enthusiasm for it because you will not want to spend time or money promoting it.

When you first set up your own online work from home business, your basic expenses will be for a domain name for your website and somewhere to host it so that it can actually be online. Once that is done, it is really down to your marketing expenses and, even saying that, there are many free online options for web marketing.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers one of the most popular home business opportunities. This business model works by you promoting and selling other people’s products and services online. You then get paid a commission when somebody buys them. It is a popular way to get started online as you don’t have to buy any stock, ship the products or process the payments as the affiliate company takes care of all of that.

You don’t even have to focus on one product because you can have many pages on your website and offer different options to your customers. The most successful home business websites tend to be in the markets of wealth, health and happiness – as those are things that everybody wants all of the time.

Affiliate marketing gives everybody an opportunity to make some extra money with an online home business. You can find affiliate programs with great payment structures and high commissions for just about every industry sector. Remember that whilst it might be tempting to go for an affiliate program that pays the highest commissions, you won’t earn anything if nobody visits your website. You have to be certain that the service you’re promoting is of genuine interest to your target audience.

You are building a business and you have to realise that it will take time. You cannot expect your first attempt to provide fantastic results. Like all new business ventures, affiliate marketing is a learning process. It does help to learn from those who have gone before you and who have found success online. This will help guide you on faster route to success and you can avoid the mistakes that they may have made.

Five Top International Business Schools Unite To Form a Council on Business and Society

Five top international business schools are joining forces to create the first Council on Business and Society: A Global Alliance of Schools of Management.

ESSEC Business School is partnering with the University of Mannheim Business School (Germany), Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (United States), School of Management, Fudan University (China) and Keio Business School (Japan), and will use a multi-cultural, multi-school approach to engage academics, policy-makers and corporate leaders in addressing key issues at the intersection of business and society.

The Council will create a multi-school process to study a series of critical issues facing business and society, organize an annual international forum for dialogue, and develop and disseminate educational materials designed to foster continuing debate on the issues. Combining the expertise of faculty members from each of the partner schools with that of representatives of business, government, and non-governmental organizations from around the world will lead to unique insights and initiatives.

The inaugural forum will be held in Paris in the fall of 2012 and focus on “Corporate Governance and Leadership”. Subsequent forums will be organized by partner schools on a rotating basis and focus on such issues as health care delivery, responsible innovation, sustainable development, and financial regulations, among other topics.

Deans of the partner schools have worked over the past six months to set a strategic direction for the Council. They discovered that, despite their differences, the schools share a common belief in the importance of management education and the need for a global approach to the issues facing business and society. Faculty members from the schools will guide the intellectual content and output of the annual forum. The activities of the Council will be funded by contributions from the partner schools and support from various corporate and institutional partners.

Pierre Tapie, Dean and President of ESSEC, and initiator of the project stressed “The countries of origin of the five partner institutions represent over 50% of global GDP. In fact, the gathering of 800 academics from different countries and continents can also contribute new insights into some global issues. This is the first time that we have set this type of joint ambition in close partnership with business schools, every one of them a leader in its right nationally while, as a group, we all share a belief in common values linked to our missions of academic institutions”.

Essec Business School is one of the top most schools offering fascinating programs for young corporate professionals. They are renowned for their Global MBA programs. Aspiring students have opted for the institute because of their industry friendly curriculum and exposure in terms of field trips to emerging markets. MBA Paris is one of their most sought after courses. It equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are necessary for a great career in the corporate world.